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Your definite guide to buy the best light running shoes

When it is about running, the first and the foremost thing that comes to the mind of one and all is to get the best athletic sneakers. There are many runners who live under the impression that the costliest pair of shoes from the top notch brands are the best buy for running shoes. However, this is a huge misconception. In fact, you should choose the pair of shoes which gives you the best fit after a thorough examination of your feet, running style and stride. Choosing a wrong pair of shoes, on the other hand, will only make you feel a lot uncomfortable and may even end up giving you painful heels and ankles.

Having said that, it thus becomes imperative to choose the best athletic sneakers. Here are the essential factors that you must consider while choosing your running shoe for your next marathon:

  • Frequency of running session

The number of running sessions you are required to undertake can be a good determinant of your running profile. Thus, first judge whether you fall in the category of a regular runner or you are just a rider. The pace can be a big determinant for choosing the running shoes. In case you happened to run for more than thrice in a week, be it preparing for a marathon or for training, it is advisable to go for the running shoe that can provide a good cushion and thus maximum comfort. In case you run on a weekly basis for about 5 km, then a basic running shoe can serve the purpose.

  • Intensity of the running sessions

So, you are planning to complete at least 3 marathons at a speed of 12 km/hr? In such a case, choose the best males or the best ladies running shoes that provide a good cushioning to reduce the shock waves that comes in your way and at the same time offer maximum comfort. The stability of the shoes is important for ensuring that the feet get the needed support during the long running regime. In case you enjoy running regularly and faster at a speed of more than 14 km/hr during the training sessions, then the best buy for running shoes would be the ultra light and dynamic shoe which will beat your best previous running time.

  • Know yourself better

Each individual runner is different, so is his/her body types and hence, so is the choice of the best athletic sneakers. Before buying any pair of running shoes from Lotto winter collection, we recommend to check your body type, body weight, running frequency and running plan.

It is your stride that plays a major role in deciding your comfort and safe running; thus, it is always better to know your stride before picking any shoe.

For any runner, about 3 times of the body weight is exerted on the feet, muscles and joints when he/ she runs. If the shoe lacks the needed cushion, then shock waves will be transmitted to the feet directly causing pain in the heels and joints.

  • Choose the right fit of Lotto sneaker

The fit of the shoe matters a lot and can never be put in abeyance. While selecting a running shoe, ensure to check the way it fits into your feet. This is because a running shoe that is not fitting properly will only make the running experience a lot painful and may even lead to a probable injury. To ensure that you choose the accurate fit, try the new shoe at the end of the day as the feet tend to swell when you run throughout the day, so the evening time will provide the right shoe. Check for the presence of a one thumb gap between the feet and the end of the shoe to keep the toes safe from hitting the downhill at the time of running. The shoe should be comfortable around the feet and should not feel sloppy or pinched. The runners can have either a narrow or a wide feet, it is advisable to choose the shoe type according to the width of the feet.

  • Cost of the shoe matters

It is said that the cost of the shoe is in direct relation to the technology used in the making of the shoe and comfort features that it offers. But, please underline, it doesn’t mean that you have to purchase a highly expensive shoe for a comfortable run on the ground. In the similar manner, opting for an inexpensive pair of running shoes may signify that the shoes are basically not particularly designed keeping running in consideration and will not cater to all the demands a runner has. Quality running shoes are present in every price bracket in the Lotto winter collection, all you need to do is go for the one which caters to your needs in the best manner.  

What experts have to say on the choice of Lotto sneaker?

The experts also agree that choosing the best light running shoes for both the male and female runners is as important as the running itself is. The position of the feet influences the alignment of each and every muscle and joint of the body of the runner. The Lotto sneaker has some good feet stretches for providing the required strength to the muscles of the feet, which helps in easing the short term aches as well as pains. Hence, an improper shoe can do more damage than you can even imagine. Also, each of the athletic shoe has its own use; thus even the best light running shoes won’t give good results in the shoes, similarly, using cross training shoes from the Lotto winter collection won’t help you running distances. Thus, it is intelligent to ensure to make the shoe work for the exercise it is meant for.

To conclude, while there is no single shoe that can be crowned as the best athletic sneakers which can be perfect for each and every runner. However, the above mentioned tips will make your task a lot easier. Irrespective of you needing more stability, or pronation, or traction or comfort during your marathon, the lotto winter collection can indeed be a good choice harboring some of the best ladies running shoes. Use the above guide to pick the best running shoe for yourself.    

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