Got the best running shoes? Is it all that you need for your upcoming half marathon?

So, congratulations your entry to the half marathon is confirmed for which you are training in full wing and gearing up for the D-Day. Whether you are a seasoned runner in the marathon or this is your first ever entry, the question of what all is essential in the marathon always remain a big dilemma.

Running a marathon requires a consistent training and high levels of stamina to complete the distance. We are sure you also want to look fabulous in the marathon pictures. There was a time when the best gym and running shoes were considered enough for racing in a marathon, however, the time now has come when there is a greater need to pay attention to the apt clothing and racing gear to keep the pace in the marathon. This is because along with the physical fitness, hydration and proper nutrition, it is the suitable clothing and presence of necessary gears which makes marathon running a little more comfortable. Choosing the right apparel and gears for the half marathon is as important as is buying the best athletic shoe.

Without denying the fact, every runner is different and hence the factors such as weather, temperature, hair style, comfort preference and budget plays a great role in deciding the race attire. Here’s a list of factors that you ought to consider to decide your half marathon attire and other gears in order to step in smartly in the marathon.

  • Running shoes from Lotto shoe company

Finding the best running shoes  requires a great research. Having the right pair of running shoe is critical because pounding on the road in the wrong one is not just painful, but also may lead to a lasting damage to the runner’s feet. Therefore, we recommend visiting the website or a specialty outlet of the Lotto shoe company where there are all types of running shoes and the staff possess the knowledge of the different running styles and the needed shoe requirement. At the time of trying the shoe, look for the presence of snugness around the heel. The heel should be in a position that it can easily move a little. The feet should not feel constricted or tight around the feet. When you find a pair of the best athletic shoe, ensure to practice in the same for a few weeks to enhance the fit and comfort level.

  • Try Lotto apparel range of Clothing

The weather forecast can be a great friend in deciding what to wear for the half marathon. The weather these days across the globe is very changeable and the summers are not that sunny and hot. Thus, you can decide and pick the clothing just a few days before the big event. The Lotto apparel can keep the runner cool, free from any sort of chafing and provide the needed comfort for running a 13.1 miles distance. You can try out the collection from Lotto apparel which is superb in quality. Here’s how you should pair up according to weather conditions:

  • Hot and sunny weather

Go for fabrics that are more ventilated, moisture wicking and keep you cool even towards the finish. You can go for shorter shorts and use a pair of sunglasses to keep the glare out of sight.

  • Wet and Rainy

As per experts, one should avoid material such as cotton which absorbs water and turns wet and heavy. You can use a peaked cap to ward off the rain coming to your face.

  • Cold and breezy

Use only one layer under the top to keep you warm. However, avoid too much of warm layers as it will become uncomfortable during the 13.1 miles running. You may even try arm warmers which can be easily rolled down to wrist after warm ups. During cold weather, choose the running tights for keeping the legs warms.

  • Socks

As per marathon experts, the runners should avoid putting up anything for which they haven’t practiced. This holds true for a pair of socks. You might get the best gym and running shoes, but a new pair of socks might rub you in a wrong manner when you are just in the middle of your half marathon. Thus, stick to a previously worn, tried and tested but freshly washed pair of socks.

  • Weather protection

If the temperature drops below 40 degrees, a woolly hat becomes essential in order to protect from the heat. Some runners always prefer a lighter cap for the purpose of protecting themselves from the sun. Sports sunglasses are also an essential requirement if most part of the half marathon is going to be during the sun. The marathon runners should also apply an appropriate sun block according to their skin type to keep the sensitive areas, namely, nose, lips and cheeks protected from the sun.

  • Essential accessories

Apart from just choosing the best running shoes and the apparel for the half marathon, you should consider adding some accessories to your running style. You may consider a sports watch which can help in keeping a track of the pace and the distance covered so far. This instrument is of great use even during the training session. Another good option to consider is a heart rate monitor which regularly monitors the heart beat throughout the distance. You may consider getting a belt to hold the water bottles which will help in keeping you hydrated. Because of the belt, your hands remain free. To walk like a king during the marathon, you may consider taking your headphones.

Wrapping up

The above mentioned are some of the must have items which help in ensuring a great marathon experience to every runner. Indeed, picking what to wear is often a game time decision which is taken after considering the weather conditions, but you need to be prepared before you walk out of the door for the half marathon. The above listed bullets can be a great guide. You can look up to Lotto shoe company for some of the best quality running shoes and Lotto apparel is in itself a piece of marvel. Last, but not the least, do a full dress rehearsal to avoid any goof-ups on the D-Day.

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